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PhayaThai Hospital Group

PhayaThai Hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand

The Supreme of Thais

The Phyathai Hospitals Group is a Bangkok-based hospital group in Thailand that has provided health care service for over 30 years.

The group consists of Phyathai 1 Hospital, Phyathai 2 Hospital, and Phyathai 3 Hospital. Phyathai 1 and Phyathai 2 hospitals are located in the city center of Bangkok, whereas Phyathai 3 hospital has been serving customers in Thonburi area for more than 10 years.

The Phyathai Hospitals group is equipped with advanced modern medical equipment and technology in cooperation with the European provider Philips.

Phyathai Hospitals provide professional specialists, well-trained staff and internally approved physicians. Moreover, the group also provides service for international patients and tourists which include languages interpreters, international wards and free consultation and medical advice over the internet 24 hours a day.

Phyathai Hospitals have positioned themslves in the medical tourism market.

International healthcare accreditation and Phyathai

At the present time, the Phyathai group of hospitals and their staff have not been subjected to international healthcare accreditation, whether from the USA (JCI), the UK (Trent Accreditation Scheme) or Australia (ACHSI), so as of 2008 it is difficult to establish how the hospitals rate against international competitors.

PhayaThai 1 Hospital

Phyathai 1 Hospital was established on July 30, 1976 and is located at 364/1 Sri-Ayudhaya Road, Phyathai, Ratchatevee, Bangkok, 10400. The specialized center that the hospital provides is the neurosurgery center. It is completely equipped with International standard and modern medical technology equipment, which include a neuro-navigator, modern microscope, endoscope and professional specialists. The center use Minimal Invasive Neurosurgery technique, which is generally recognized worldwide.

PhayaThai 2 Hospital

Phyathai 2 Hospital is located at 943 Phaholyothin Road, Phyathai, Bangkok, not far from Sanam Pao Skytrain station. Phyathai 2 Hospital has been providing medical service for more than 30 years, opening on 22 July 1987. As one of the well known hospitals in Thailand, it has internationally approved physicians together with international standard services.

The hospital is composed of 2 buildings and covers an area of 11,204 square meters. It can accommodate 550 beds of in-patient cases and 76 diagnostic rooms equipped with modern day medical technology and equipment. It can serve 2,000 out-patient cases daily.

PhayaThai 3 Hospital

Phyathai 3 Hospital was established on October 4, 1996 and it is located at 207/26 Phetchkasem Road, Pakklong, Phasricharoen, Bangkok, 10160 mainly to serve customers around Thonburi Area. The specialized centers for the hospital are Mother and Child center which provide the best possible care for both the mother and the baby. Another well-known center is the Born IVF Center, which focuses on the service to aid spouses who have problems with infertility, through the usage of modern technology and team of experienced and expert specialists.

International Ward

Our new International Ward was established on 12th October,2006 with a vision to help our foreign patients with the best care by our highly qualified and experienced English speaking nurses. International Ward is located on the 21st and 22nd floor of building 2 in Phyathai 2 Hospital with the maximum modern facilities. Quality services from our dedicated nurses will assure your comfortable stay at Phyathai Hospital.

International Ward offer you various services:

  • Free Internet services and notebook at patientís room
  • Launder services
  • Food ready to serve 24 hours a day
  • Free snacks and drinks at room
  • Tour services (if the doctor allows the patient to go)
  • Continuous ROUND at the patientís room in a short time interval by the doctors and nurses.